Black love, Colour crush

For a black lover like me, it’s actually quite hard to admit that I’m having a crush on colour. I wouldn’t call it an affair. Not just yet. But crush? Yes, definitely.

It’s not a new thing for me. It happens every now and than. Usually, it ends as a temporary fascination. We’ve never developed serious relationship. I would say, not just yet.

There are always some obstacles. First of all – I’m faithful. Much more in personal life rather than when it comes to clothes but… Even when you ask my friend’s 6 year old daughter what is the favourite colour of her auntie, she will immediately say ‘black’ and will get super-excited seeing me wearing different colour.

I love simple colours and black is definitely one of them. Many people find it too safe or even boring. Others might say that it’s not even a colour but for me, black seems to be a perfect answer to most of the fashion question. Used in various fabrics, textures, lengths and layers creates both elegant and relaxed look, depending on the styling. Therefore black become my longtime partner, lover and companion. We know each other very well, we feel great in each others company and most of the time we look very good together. I don’t think about breaking up this relationship but when I see some other colours, when I see prints and clashing patterns, I’m getting excited. This would very unlikely happen in my personal life but in fashion? Fashion is an exception. How serious in my colour and pattern crush? Well, time will show.

I don’t really know how and when exactly my ‘OMG, colour obsession’ has started but Dior Cruise 2016 collection definitely had something to do with it.

    dior cruise 2016 1          dior cruise 2016 2

    dior cruise 2016 3          dior cruise 2016 4

I hold huge respect for Raf Simons and his journey at Dior but I would lie saying that for me, his collections are always the most anticipated of the season. I was blown away by Couture 2015 but not very much excited by Fall 2015. I have started to watch Dior Cruise 2016 show with a dose of curiosity wondering what I’m going to see. By the 12th look I was already hooked and nothing has changed until the final outfit (look 53).

    dior cruise 2016 5          dior cruise 2016 7

    dior cruise 2016 8          dior cruise 2016 9

This collection has spoken not only to my ‘well and deeply hidden’ love for colours and patterns but it has also resonated in the most feminine part of me. It seems to have everything: a perfect combination of girlishness and feminity, amazing proportions between beautifully tailored silhouettes and interesting fabric development, clashing colours and prints, playfulness and elegance. This collection combines sexy and noble elements (which normally don’t work together very well) and pairs them as the most perfect couple. Something to admire. Something to be inspired by. Something to wear.

Another example of my colour crush is Gucci Resort 2016. I have to admit that it was unexpected even for myself. I saw the collection a few hours after the show and I have realised that I am already picking up my favourite looks.

    gucci resort 2016 2          gucci resort 2016 3

Pieces from Gucci Resort 2016 collection look like perfectly designed costumes for movies challenging past times and vintage fashion. They seem to be a mixture of everything that we know from the past decades up to the contemporary times. It has been only a second collection by Alessandro Michele but it has already shown that Gucci’s new designer and creative director likes to use the vast archive of fashion history and translate into present.

    gucci resort 2016 1          gucci resort 2016 5

Explosion of colours and patterns, juxtaposition of light- and heavyweight fabrics are the elements driving the attention. Definitely Alessandro isn’t a minimalist. His collections seem to shout: ‘the more the better!’ where more refers not only to colours and prints but also to vast array of accessories used by the designer. New Gucci woman is a magpie-style vintage market hunter, not only walking in her perfect shoes and great handbag but also wearing chunky rimmed glasses, tammy, decorative ribbons with flowery brooches and heirloom rings almost on each finger. A few looks have already caught my eye and stole my heart.

    gucci resort 2016 4          gucci resort 2016 6

So what’s is going to happen now? There won’t be a colour revolution in my wardrobe. No, let’s not get that far. Also, I have already said: I love black and I’m faithful. But a summer flirt with colours and patterns? Why not!


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