Participant observation

I don’t even remember when and how did it happen. I just took a break. It wasn’t something that has been planned. It happened quite organically. It has just happened. I guess that was something I really needed. It’s a bit like when you find yourself eating more oranges and it quickly occurs that you lack some vitamin C. Sometimes following your instincts it’s the best choice.

I believe that breaks are good. I believe that sometime it is good to take a step back, see things from a distance, in a different light, from slightly different angle.

Not everything in my life is related to fashion and photography but I would lie if I said that they don’t take a big part of my life. Somehow they are my life – in both private and professional sense.

I am a very passionate person. That’s something that you wouldn’t be able to tell about me straight away but if you know me a bit longer, you should definitely know what I’m talking about. I’m not falling in love easily but if I do… I fall in love for real. In people, ideas, places, things.

There is no difference when it comes to my ‘relationship’ with photography and fashion. Even if I’m deeply in love, I don’t loose the ability to have my own opinion on things and be critical. That’s why sometime we’re in ‘love-hate’ relationship. Especially, me and fashion.

If you’ve been in fashion long enough you know that it can be a fairy but it can be a bitch too. Someone can say: ‘Baby, these are the rules of that game. You either play or not. You win or you loose. As simple as that.’ Well, really?

When it comes to fashion I’ve always had my specific attitude. I was IN and OUT at the same time. Participant observation. Maybe this perspective has something to do with my sociological background. Maybe it’s just the way I am.

I want to do things.

In my own way.

In my own time.


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