Antipodium SS15

Meet the girls from Antipodium SS15 collection.


What immediately comes to my mind when I think about Antipodium SS15 collection are… girls. Not women, not ladies but… girls. Cheer and playful. Sometimes a bit silly, sometimes a bit naughty but… girls.

Girls who wear skirts but know how to run fast. Girls who climb trees wearing dresses. Girls who don’t care what others think. Girls who like having fun.

They can be feminine without being ladylike. They can be girly without being sweet. They can wear gaudy neons paired with calming pastels, sexy small tops or buttoned up shirts, bomber jackets and skirts in all possible lengths, mini dresses or simple trousers. They can do whatever they want.

When I think about Antipodium SS15 I hear song which (for me) is a perfect soundtrack for this collection. When I think about Antipodium SS15 I hear Lana del Rey is singing ‘Sweet sixteen and we had arrived/ Walking down the streets as they whistle, “Hi, hi!”/ Stealin’ police cars with the senior guys/ Teachers said we’d never make it out alive’ because…

This is what makes us girls’.










(Photos: I.)


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