Simone Rocha SS15

All Shades of Romance in Simone Rocha SS15 Collection.

Simone Rocha SS15 show was one of those I awaited the most. It was scheldued for Tuesday (last day of London Fashion Week) and I felt like I was waiting for a trip to Disneyland which was planned for the last day of an amazing holiday in Paris. I couldn’t wait to see her SS15 collection but I also knew that when the Tuesday comes, London Fashion Week will be over.

simone rocha 1

simone rocha 2

There is something unspeakable beautiful in Simone Rocha’s collections. I was trying to name it a year ago when I saw her SS14 collection (which I used to call ‘my wedding dress collection’) and last season (AW14) when I was watching her show live for the first time. I was trying to name it but I couldn’t.

I always find something extremely pure and delicate in Simone’s designs. No matter what colour palette she’s going to use, what kind of fabric she’s choosing and what shapes she introduces, every time she made me feel the same (and I’m saying it in the most positive way). Every time I’m moved. Totally moved.

There is something very romantic about her collections. Romantic in this beautiful and old school way. Like a granny was telling you a story about the times when she was a young girl falling in love for the very first time. The first love with all its lights and shadows, with tears of happiness and tears of sorrow. And you listen to that story (story that happened so many years ago) and you think about your own teenage years, about the present moment and you realise that there is something strangely universal in that story, that time is really irrelevant, that… it is also a story about you. And that it will be about your daughter too.

There is a praise of the girlishness in Simone’s designs. The girlishness which has nothing to do with a naivety or sweetness (don’t be misguided by pale pink and frills). The girlishness which means delicacy but not fragility.

simone rocha 4

simone rocha 5

simone rocha 6

simone rocha 7

simone rocha 3

simone rocha 8

simone rocha 9

simone rocha 10

simone rocha 11

simone rocha 12

simone rocha 13

simone rocha 14

simone rocha 15

simone rocha 16

simone rocha 17

(Photos: I.)


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