A Story of a Happy Ageing

eastbourne 1

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

I would lie if I said that I was planning to do this project for a long time. No, I haven’t. Actually, I didn’t plan it at all. When you work on a project, you are the one who carefully choose the subject and source of inspiration. In this case, everything has happen in a completely different way. I feel like it was me who was chosen.

I went to East Sussex to hike along the Seven Sisters cliffs but before I got there, I arrived to Eastbourne. After a short walk along the beach and one photo taken on the pier, I knew what I’m going to do. Seven Sisters cliffs had to wait. I don’t remember the last time when I was so moved by what I’ve seen and when I felt such a strong need to capture it.

Eastbourne was full of elder people – beautiful, calm and dignified. There was no place for resignation or sadness. Those people despite their advanced age were active and seemed to enjoy their life. I saw elder couples holding their hands and slowly walking along the promenade or sitting next to each other and reading in the sun. There were people on their own and groups of friends.

I was observing their gestures, the way they look and how they speak to each other. And I was truly moved by their kindness, care and devotion. By their beauty and dignity.

This is a story of happy ageing. By the sea.

eastbourne 5

eastbourne 4

eastbourne 9

eastbourne 3

eastbourne 8

eastbourne 6

eastbourne 10

eastbourne 11

eastbourne 14

eastbourne 7

eastbourne 13

eastbourne 12

eastbourne 15

(Photos: I.)


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