It’s getting colder – Louis Vuitton AW15

It’s been nearly 3 months since I was invited by Louis Vuitton to presentation of their AW15 collection. It was warm and sunny evening in June and although I had thoughts about the collection I wanted to share immediately, I also felt that writing about autumn/winter wardrobe in June would be highly inappropriate.

We are in the middle of August, summer it’s not over yet but (like it or not) autumn can be felt in the air. Autumn/winter collections are seen not only on the pages of fashion magazines but also in stores. Colder evenings (at least here in London) encourage to think about upcoming winter and now I feel less ‘guilty’ to bring in that topic.


Louis Vuitton AW15 collection was presented in March during Paris Fashion Week. I would lie if I said that it has immediately become my favourite. I was a bit surprised by rather simple colour palette and outfit ideas ,as well as a number of shiny and glittery elements in this collection. I fell in love with blouses and dresses with puffed, mutton sleeves which were reminding me of Victorian fashion and PJ Harvey outfit from White Chalk era.



I have to say that I didn’t have chance to fully appreciate this collection until mid-June when I received invitation to Louis Vuitton AW15 presentation. The truth is that it doesn’t matter how great the images are, when it comes to garments, nothing can beat seeing them in details. Sometimes it can be tricky – especially when what you see, doesn’t seem to be anything you were expected to see and instead of amazement, it results in disappointment. With Louis Vuitton it was exactly opposite.


The collection which I saw a few months ago has gained another dimension – both in metaphorical and real sense. Watching all the garments in person gave me the opportunity to see all the beautiful details and amazing craftsmanship behind each piece of clothing. I like to study how things are made, I like to get closer, I like to touch, I like to check how it feels.

For AW15 collection Nicolas Ghesquière explores a few topics. There is a element of futurism, romanticism and very modern, easy to wear combinations. Since his first collections for Louis Vuitton, Nicolas puts a strong emphasis on creating a ‘modern woman’s wardrobe’. This season Ghesquière encourage us to wear mini skirts (in amazingly soft leather or in great print/embroidery) paired with chunky knits, Victorian style mutton sleeves tops or small jackets.



It’s not a secret that great coat is a key piece in autumn/winter wardrobe and no one seems to understand it so well as Nicolas. Louis Vuitton woman can choose anything from furry brushed sheepskin coats, knitted or leopard print long jackets to a longline military style double-breasted coat (the one in navy blue is my personal favourite). Ghesquière didn’t forget about the power of accessories (so important for such brand as Louis Vuitton). This season already famous Petite Malle has a new friend – mini trunk in aluminum and copper, ultralight carbon or transparent glass fiber. And shoes & boots on kitten heels, plain of with gold and silver studs. Feminie, sexy and modern. Exactly the same as Louis Vuitton woman.


(Photos: Iza Rem)

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