Lazy Christmas Mornings

What can be better than lying in a cosy bed, in comfy pyjamas, in the morning of a Christmas Day? I guess that only lying with someone (or in someone’s arms) in cosy bed in comfy pyjamas (or without). Oh, and a cup of a good coffee would nice too.

I like how everything slows down on a Christmas Day only to speed up again the day after when many people will forget about festive mood and run to annual sales. I like the fact that in London there is no public transport on a Christmas Day and the only ways of transport are cabs, bikes and legs. I always choose my legs on that day. I love lonely walks in the city which looks abandoned. But that was yesterday. Today, instead of fighting for a dress with 50% discount I’ve chosen pleasure of a different kind.

This Christmas I had ‘a plan’. I wanted to watch some typical Christmas movies – especially the American ones. I remember when as a child I was watching ‘Home Alone’, ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’ or ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ I was convinced that people in US have the best Christmas. To understand my childhood believes you need to know that reality in Poland at that time was far from what I could see in the movies. I remember dreaming about big Christmas tree and every year making an effort to dress my 30 cm tall fake Christmas tree in the most beautiful hand-made decorations. I remember the first Christmas we spent in our new flat and the most amazing present from my grandma who bought us nearly 2 meters tall fake Christmas tree. It was in early 90s and the fake Christmas tree sold at that time looked like they suffered from anorexia. Tree needles were shot and poor, the shade of green was a bit strange but despite that it was the most amazing and the most beautiful Christmas tree I could image. It was one of my dreams that came true.

I live in London for nearly 4 years and it’s my third Christmas here. Each year with almost the same interest I observe ‘ugly Christmas jumper’ and ‘shiny and sparkling party dress’ phenomenon. Each year I wonder if this is the time to assimilate and enrich my wardrobe with this ‘amazing garments.’ And each year I refuse to. I could do the ‘ugly Christmas jumper’. To be honest this year I was really tempted to buy one. I went to Beyond Retro and I was digging through the uglies jumpers (and sweatshirts) I’ve ever seen. I guess that the reason why I haven’t purchase one was because I couldn’t decided which is the ugliest.

And how about ‘shiny and sparkling party dress’, hmm? I’m sorry, I can’t do that. Everything in me says: NO! I can accept the sequins but only in black. I like gold and silver but only as a jewellery. Gold sequin mini dress with silver beads and high heels is something that I would never ever put on (unless it’s a joke). Also I truly hate all Christmas styling suggestions and always wonder who needs that?! Are there people who really follow these and need to be inspired by ‘how to be both sexy and elegant this Christmas’? Ehhh…

There is also another element that seems to be quite essential during the Christmas time – watching ‘Love Actually’. And again, I failed on that one too. I saw the movie only once (not between 5 and 10 times as the average) and the first time I saw it was only last year (which means that I was 10 years behind as the movie was realised in 2003!). And now it’s the time for guilty confession: I was (and I am still) tempted by watching it again this year, wrapped in warm, oversized jumper with a glass of a mulled wine in my hand. The Christmas is not over yet so I can still do that, right?

07holiday-well-red-slide-2R9O-jumbo 2

And here is the evidence that my Louis Vuitton SS15 obsession (love you Nicolas!) has moved to the next level. If I was meant to pick up my Christmas party dress – that would be the one.

Photography by Jamie Hawkesworth. Styling by Joe McKenna.

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