Peter Pilotto SS15

Rainbow Warriors by Peter Pilotto


I was holding onto posting these images for a while. Each time I was looking at these photos I wasn’t 100% happy. Last night I was going through them once again and decided to put this post together. I have to admit that I cheated a little bit and changed the way how the initial images were framed to create the narrative I’m happy with. Opportunity to watch Peter Pilotto SS15 show was amazing but my seat wasn’t great for shooting the collection with 50mm lens.

It’s cold, it’s December, it’s 2 weeks till Christmas. It’s nearly 3 month after London Fashion Week and still 4 month to spring. These images are like a tease. They are like photos from travel agent’s brochure. They are a promise for the future – warm, bright and bursting with colours. Spring/Summer 2015 by Peter Pilotto

Colours are essential in every collection by London based duo. This time rainbow of colours was covering a huge selection of mini dresses with quite futuristic embroidery in plastic and crystals. There were knee-lenght oversized coats and tiny waistcoats, some small tops and simple trousers but dresses are the key for this collection – very rich, printed minis were base for most of the looks. Time for change came in 6 final outfits where dresses were longer, still colourful but less decorative. Rich prints and embroidery made space for colour blocks introduced in a ‘patchwork-y’ style.

What more can I add? Let’s wait for spring!















(Photos: Iza Rem)

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