It’s been a month since (on daily basis) I’m looking at the process of creating ‘perfect images’. It’s like one of those popular makeover programmes with that difference that it’s not on TV and that the subjects of makeover are not people but photographs.

It made me start to think about photography (and fashion) in a slightly different way, it made me to ask the questions which probably were always there but now I feel like I really need to find the answers for.

I’ve never been a person who thinks that beauty equals perfection. I’ve always been more interested in a tiny scratches, weird elements, things which aren’t too regular, too common or too obvious. When I started taking photos I was using traditional, 35mm film camera (occasionally 6×6 medium format). This experience taught me very important thing – to think about the photo I take as a final result, not about something that still can be fixed or edited in a different way.

In a past weeks I found myself going through my own old photographs, through the pictures taken 5-7 years ago with film cameras, throughout the images I was showing only to a small number of people.  I was looking at them aware of some imperfections they have but also finding them interesting enough to share here. There is a realness in them. The realness of the people I photographed, the realness of the situation we were in and the realness of 35mm film.

They aren’t perfect but I don’t want them to be.


(Photos: I.)


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