Osman SS15


I have to be honest: I wasn’t familiar with Osman designs before I came to his SS15. I heard the name, of course, but I’ve never felt the need for checking his past collections (shame on me!). You may say that I was an ignorant (well, somehow I was) but this dose of ignorance actually served me really well in this case. I went to his SS15 show early in the morning, on the last day of London Fashion Week without any expectations. I had no idea of what I might see and I allow myself to be totally surprised. And I was. In a very positive way.

Show started with simple looks. Black & white. Long skirts. Pearl embroidery. Soon more colour was added. Osman introduced acid green, toned down peach, baby blue, azure and silver in the way you wouldn’t expect that might work so well. It was’t a colour clash – they seem to work together really well. Simple and very contemporary forms were balancing the usage of unusual colour combination. Pearl embroidery was covering everything from small tops, ponchos, skirts, dresses to shoes. The most decorative pieces (colourful patchwork with beaded embroidery) had very simple forms. The final look: strapless, floor-length dress was moving softly and beautifully on the runway.

It was a difficult collection to define. There was something elegant but at the same time something really easy to wear. There was something simple and contemporary but also dressy. There was a space for minimalistic elegance, evening chic and youthful playfulness. It was sort of a travel (the interesting one!). And I was left surprised (and curious what he will show next season!).














(Photos: I.)


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