Put On That Dress

I’ve never been a ‘girly girl’. I’ve never liked pink (precisely, till my mid-twenties). For a long time I truly hated dresses and skirts because I was finding them too uncomfortable while climbing trees, walls and running fast. And I loved climbing trees and walls. And to run. Fast. I started ‘accepting’ them when I ‘developed’ my own way of doing all those things while wearing a dress at the same time. Until then trousers were my second skin.

I guess that at the age of seven I didn’t know much about feminism but I did think about dresses and skirts as an ‘oppressive’ pieces of clothing that only girls have to wear (‘oppressive’ because there were making climbing trees and walls or running fast difficult). I envied boys that no one ask them to wear dresses. I also liked to compete with boys and in trousers it was much easier. Well, I still do… Sometimes…

How about now? I have to admit that now I really like dresses (skirts still not much). Is it because I grown up and internalised the necessity of wearing them as a woman? No, not at all. I just discovered my own way how to wear them and still feel comfortable (and don’t climb trees so often now). I found my way to enjoy wearing dresses. I’m not one of those girls who will suffer for fashion or for a great look. You will very rarely see me wearing super-sexy or ‘girly girl’ type of dress combined with high heels (I don’t even have a single pair of stilettos!). I like simplicity. I like minimalism. But I also like things which aren’t obvious. I like weird juxtaposition. I like mixing things. Super-feminine dress paired with flat (men’s style) shoes, oversized blazer or big boyfriend coat? Dress worn over the trousers? Delicate dress with big, chunky knitwear? Why not?!

There is also another reason why I really like dresses now. I’m much more fashion- and self-conscious than I was ten or even five years ago. I know what I like. I know what looks good on me. I know ‘my stuff’.

And here are some of my favourite dresses from AW14 season.

_ON_0505.1366x2048       _ON_0537.1366x2048

Balenciaga. Look 18 (olive leather dress with knitted details) is my favourite dress of the season. Great shape, amazing combination of wool and lambskin, nice colour match. Everything is perfect about this dress. Everything, except the price. £4650.

_ARC0517.1366x2048       _ARC0075.1366x2048

Christopher Kane. Two different dresses and both perfect. The grey satin dress reminds of a rain cloud. I like that type of slightly ‘oversized’ dresses. I love the simplicity of the black shift dress which is ‘broken’ by unusual fabric combination – ‘bin bag looking’ polyester and thick crepe.

_ON_0243.1366x2048       _ON_0293.1366x2048

Louis Vuitton. Dresses from the first Nicolas Ghesquière’s collection for the brand. They can be both elegant and casual – all depends on styling. I really like the A-line and a ‘sporty’ touch in these designs.

_ARC0335.1366x2048       _ARC0215.1366x2048

Simone Rocha. ‘Sweet’ pink dress cut from a sheer tulle with a checked brushed wool-embroidered overlay and beaded details speaks to a ‘romantic’ part of me. The high-neck, long sleeve, knee-length see-through dress with flower embroidery on a black mesh background is sexy without being vulgar.

(Photos: style.com)

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