No summer without

I was always quite reluctant when it comes to saying or writing things like “here in UK we have…”, etc. I thought that I have no right to say it because I wasn’t born here and it’s not my country. I’m not British and I guess I will never be but after 3 years of living in this country, I finally gave myself the right to say that.

Living in UK for a 3 years taught me a lot and of these things is how to enjoy the summer. A little bit of sun, a temperature going up and you already have a reason to leave your winter clothes at the bottom of your wardrobe and put your summer outfit on. Bare legs are essential! And it doesn’t really matter if you’re wearing shorts, skirts or dresses. Show your legs even if it’s still pretty cold and they are covered with goose bumps. It’s summer so you have to enjoy it!

So when we finally have a summer here in UK, it’s time to think about summer essentials. Shorts, skirts, dresses, vests, camisoles, tops will be among them. And shoes: sandals (from flat to those with heels), flip flops, trainers. That’s pretty obvious!

Not so long ago, my friend asked me about my, very personal summer essentials, about thing (or things) I couldn’t imagine my summer without. And I respond immediately: white trainers! Surprised?

I could have not to wear sandals all summer (and actually that’s what I’m doing third summer in the row) but I have to have white trainers. Have to! Last year I had to say goodbye to my favourite ones and this year I ended up with none. Everyone wears Convers or Superga but I wanted something even more simple. Plain. White. No logo. Finding them wasn’t easy. If you’re a woman and also the owner of quite big feet, finding trainers which will look nice on you and won’t make you look like you stole them from your boyfriend, it’s a challenge. But I won! And a few weeks ago my personal summer has officially started. Tanned ankles, bare feet and white trainers.


One thought on “No summer without

  1. Love this article Iza! Too bad summer looks to be over now… We’ll move on to black shoes until next June. 🙂


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